Migration and Social Transformation in Ghana

Date(s) - 26/10/2018
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IWMI Office


IWMI – University of Ghana Stakeholder Dialogue

On 26 October 2018, IWMI, together with the University of Ghana, co-organized a stakeholder dialogue on migration as part of the MARIS, Stakeholder Dialogue Series supported by Water Lands and Ecosystems (WLE). About 35 participants from academia, government departments, policy makers, researchers, youth groups, non-governmental organizations, development partners and the media convened to discuss the contemporary state of research and policy issues in the fields of rural-urban migration, youth and agriculture in Ghana. The meeting focused on migration as both a major driver and consequence of social change in agrarian contexts and explored issues related to livelihood opportunities, employment and education in Ghana. 

Participants debated and shared experiences regarding the new trends of rural-urban migrations; gender, youth and generational issues; global agricultural development; diaspora and remittances; and policy actions and possible interventions. Participants agreed that:

  • Government (policy makers) needs to be engaged more on the youth, agriculture and migration concerns and that the Migration unit at the Ministry of Interior will be invited to the next event;
  • Current data on migration is outdated since the last survey was in 1994; therefore, Ghana Statistical Service (GSS) with support from IOM will plan a national survey on migration in 2020; 
  • Exploring the flows and impacts of remittances in rural-urban migration is important; 
  • Better monitor and evaluate existing projects on migration is warranted. 

Participants agreed on the need to continuously engage with the migration, youth and agriculture dialogue, and have suggested a follow-up meeting in 2019, to be led by IWMI. They also agreed to join and share knowledge through the MARIS network.

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